The medieval old-school RTS Knights Province from the indie studio Krom Stern celebrated its tenth anniversary and was updated to the 12th alpha. The biggest update brought to the game many opportunities for experimentation and new mechanics.

Currently Knights Province is available on the official website – – free of charge. Over time, the developers plan to release a beta version and start selling the strategy on Steam. To communicate with the community and Krom Stern, it is better to use channel in Discordwhere players share builds and creations.

Knights Province is completely inspired by RTS from the 90s, like Settlers 4, Warcraft I or Anno 1602. Unlike modern games, itOMost of the gameplay is devoted to strategy rather than entertainment and fast pace. Careful arrangement of the base, marking of the territory, collection of resources, attention to detail – this is what the long-term construction from Krom Stern is about. This also comes with a micro-bonus in the form of a built-in map editor.

According to the developers, Knights Province will be released only for PC. Several “Alphas” are also planned, and after that the game will have a final beta and release.



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