The Iron Oath, which has been in early access since spring of this year, is finally approaching release. Yesterday, November 2nd, Humble Games and Curious Panda Games released a pixelated tactical RPG in Steam And GOG at a fairly affordable price – 880₽. Unfortunately, the new product does not support the Russian language; There are no others besides English either. Reviews for The Iron Oath are very positive – 81% on Steam.

The Iron Oath will give us the opportunity to play as a mercenary leader, like in some kind of simulator, but with an emphasis on the combat system. It is we who have to decide who from the squad will die, retire, or become the head of the party. In addition, we have in our hands the management of all operations and missions that can either glorify the squad or completely destroy it.

As stated by Humble Games, they are waiting for us in the game:

  • Tactical combat with deadly traps, a variety of enemies and even destructible objects. One wrong move and the campaign will end with a couple of tombstones;
  • A harsh story saga about a dark fantasy kingdom, where we will decide the fate of factions and reveal other people’s secrets;
  • A dynamic and evolving world in which noble houses constantly compete for power, and cities rise from the ashes and find themselves in ruins again;
  • Full control over your mercenary guild. Finance, politics, wealth and fame, as well as many contracts and influence;
  • And, of course, difficult decisions that will have consequences and directly affect not only the mercenaries, but the entire kingdom.



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