In the spring of 2023, modders for the first time presented modification for Half Life: Alyx – NoVR, which allows you to play the shooter the old fashioned way, without a virtual reality helmet. And on October 28 – just a few days ago – the mod received a large-scale addition with a very important feature – Alix’s animated hands, which can now reload weapons, push back due to recoil and put pistols in a holster.

Animation Update #1 added not only non-VR animations, but also many other mechanics:

  • Improvements for all weapons that can be seen in the player’s hands;
  • Improved reflex sight, which helps when shooting, highlighting the weak points of enemies;
  • A special button for inspecting objects;
  • Fully working flashlight;
  • New HUD with animated hearts for HP;
  • A multi-tool that you can only hold in your hands for now, because it doesn’t yet have mechanics;
  • Changes to Combine Fabricator for greater convenience;
  • Even more mysteries scattered throughout the game;
  • Lots of bug fixes and minor updates throughout the game.

The team still has a lot of work ahead of them, including adding Alyx’s hands when she uses the health station. But the existing progress is definitely encouraging. By the way, Half-Life: Alyx was released not so long ago Russian voiceover – an excellent reason to pass.


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