Dynasty Warriors M is a mobile action game that tells the legendary story of Dynasty Warriors in a new format. This game was published by Nexon, who obtained the license from Koei Tecmo.

Dynasty Warriors M was released on iOS and Android in many Western countries, but not in Russia. Also, the developers did not add Russian localization. On the plus side, the original Dynasty Warriors formula has remained intact, so 3D characters manually beat up entire armies of enemies in corridor-like, but spacious locations.

In total, Dynasty Warriors M features 50 heroes from 5 factions. Each “officer” has his own tactics and fighting style, so there are many combinations or even an “infinite number”, as the developers say.

Despite all its “portability”, Dynasty Warriors M offers 520 levels, divided into 13 regions. This is quite a lot if you consider that Nexon will add content with updates. And since the game received 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play, we wish it success.

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