Train of Hope is a mobile game that became available on Google Play in Russia and half of the world on November 16th. The project’s setting is reminiscent of Frostpunk – a winter post-apocalypse. To avoid freezing, people use the head of the train as a heat generator.

But the train and heat are not the only things you have to take care of – some characters need to be sent on expeditions to collect resources and construct or repair objects and buildings. All this requires resources, mainly metal and wood.

Train of Hope offers vertical gameplay and a clear tutorial that teaches the player the basics of survival. Many actions consume energy, which is restored over time. Also, in order not to get lost in this winter desert, players are given clear tasks.

The biggest thing to be afraid of in Train of Hope are snow and even ice storms, which will cause even your smartphone screen to be visually covered in frost. It’s also worth preparing for story choices that will affect the development of gameplay.

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