Timberman 2 is a mobile game and a sequel to Timberman. The release was supposed to take place on November 16, but the developers from Digital Melody Games rushed and released the project on the 15th in the App Store. During this time, he managed to reach the top 7 among family games.

At the time of writing, Timberman 2 is available on Google Play in 3 countries: the Philippines, the Netherlands and Ireland. Since the release should be global, the number of countries should increase throughout the day.

Timberman 2 offers multiplayer competitions for 4 people. But “cutting wood” is not the only mode. So, you can build your base and protect it from zombies. And as you level up, new heroes will be unlocked; their level must be gradually increased.

Even in Timberman 2 you can customize your hero using different skins. This hardly affects its characteristics, only its appearance. And in order to get to the top of your league and get big rewards, you need to use your skill and participate in competitions.

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