Sky Fortress: Odyssey is a mobile game available on the App Store and Google Play in many countries; This is a global release. Gamers are promised rewards for pre-ordering after logging into the servers, as well as 100 free gacha spins. Probably for daily login and active participation.

Sky Fortress: Odyssey offers a cyberpunk adventure. Players will have to run across different 2D platforms and destroy enemies while dodging their bullets and collecting valuable items.

Sky Fortress: Odyssey also takes inspiration from the runner genre, using the heroes’ endless running forward. You do everything else, including leveling. Don’t forget about participating in new server events. As for small innovations, the developers added voice acting for the characters.

We also need to improve the airship, which is reminiscent of XCOM and Fallout Shelter. The only pity is that there is no Russian language, according to the App Store. It’s worth relying on the online elements to keep this game afloat for a long time.

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