RacingX is a mobile game in the racing genre, which appeared on the American Google Play. In it you need to complete 3-star levels, competing with bot drivers on special tracks within the city or even in stadiums.

In RacingX, the car drives itself, you just need to drift, take perfect turns and use nitro. Engine and nitrous oxide sounds are at a very low level, so if you want more realistic sound in games, try Asphalt or Ace Racer.

In RacingX you can also criticize the same type of soundtrack, which does not fit what is happening on the screen, does not change and even repeats itself. Also, at the start, the player is “led by the hand” for a long time during training.

Also, the developers did not work on the environment, which is why the locations really resemble races on the PSP or, at a stretch, PS Vita. This level of racing in 2023 is unacceptable and may only be suitable for gamers with very budget smartphones who still need online features such as PvP matches and custom games.

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