Par for the Dungeon is a mobile game in the adventure genre, with unusual gameplay. Gamers play the role of a golf ball that needs to roll to the next hole. His path is blocked not only by obstacles, but also by enemies. They need to be shot down or destroyed with a bow.

Par for the Dungeon was released on November 21 on iOS, and was released on Google Play in a number of countries (including Canada) on June 1, 2023. A global release on Android is also expected within a day.

The developers of Par for the Dungeon promise more than 100 intricate levels. They have different locations:

  • Quirky Cities;
  • Snow-covered crypts;
  • Mushroom forests.

The main goal is to complete each level in the minimum number of moves. For this you can get stars and crowns, which are used to increase your rank, unlock new challenges and skins.

As for obstacles, there are some treacherous options – vertical elevators and giant fans. Only the brave golf ball, Cal, can resist them.

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