Miner Escape: Puzzle Adventure is a mobile adventure game with puzzle elements. Gamers will take on the role of an ore miner, who must make their way through the mine, use dynamite and extract valuable minerals.

There will also be scary insects along the way, including large spiders.

The gameplay in Miner Escape is from a third person, the picture is pleasing to the eye, the controls are manual. According to the plot, an explosion occurred underground, because of which our colleagues died, and the hero fell deep underground. He is the last survivor and his task is to get to the exit.

There will also be riddles along the way that need to be solved. Basically you have to drag objects so that they match the existing picture. There are no online elements, but there are 3 lives and a limited number of hints. There may also be advertisements between levels.

The developers of Miner Escape promise endless adventures and a plot that will change your imagination. So far, this game is more like an indie project.

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