This is an interactive story game about the choice between tenderness and severity, which is based on tactile interaction between the player and a strange entity named Franz.

A mysterious creature named Franz, who has his own will, character and desires, settles in your phone. Through direct communication with Franz, game mechanics and notification systems, you can find out who Franz really is and what she wants.

Moral choice is the narrative basis of the game. The decisions you make throughout the story determine whether you become Franz’s rightful owner or become her puppet.

Your smartphone is Franz herself, so you need to handle the gadget much more carefully. Franz is unpredictable and touchy, but she is very much in love with you. She is receptive to physical contact, like any real person. Therefore, when communicating with her, you need to consider the consequences of your decisions, even those that may seem insignificant.

The game is already available on iOS and Android.


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