A beta test is being prepared for the cross-platform game Crystal of Atlan, which will take place in 3 countries: UK, Canada and Philippines. To participate in testing you need apply. Deadline – December 8. The questionnaire is simple and consists of 2 pages. The main thing is to indicate that you live in one of the above countries.

Gamers on PC and Android will be able to play Crystal of Atlan. They will test the game for more than 8 days. This information is indicated in the post on the official website. Servers will be opened in mid-December. The only languages ​​available will be English.

If you are selected for the Crystal of Atlan test, an invitation letter will arrive 1-2 days before the start. Test participants will be selected randomly.

Crystal of Atlan offers fast-paced battles in small arenas that feel like a cross between Genshin Impact and Devil May Cry. Characters can have melee weapons like a huge scythe, as well as large guns.

At this point in the screenshot of the battle against the boss, Crystal of Atlan resembles NieR Automata.


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