Coromon is a mobile game with pixel graphics and turn-based battles between monsters similar to Pokemon for Game Boy, Nintendo DS and Switch. Players will take on the role of trainers and explorers who wander through dark dungeons in search of rare items.

So far, the early version of the Coromon game is only available on Google Play, in all countries. And the App Store doesn’t even allow pre-registration. There are also no links in the new trailer from the Freedom Games studio.

As for the release of Coromon on iOS and Android, it will take place on November 8th. The developers promise:

  • Fascinating plot;
  • Different difficulty levels;
  • Epic boss battles;
  • Challenging puzzles;
  • Characteristics settings;
  • Customizing the character’s appearance;
  • 120+ animated Koromons;
  • Unique regions and biomes;
  • Original 50+ soundtracks;
  • 2 save slots;
  • Full gamepad support.

Coromon is especially interesting because it is a F2P project with donations, also available on PC via Steam.

Google PlaySteam


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