The fourth open letter from the producer of MMORPG Throne and Liberty to players has been published. We translated it into Russian for our readers.


After the LAUNCHING SHOWCASE, we received many requests and words of encouragement from people who liked the show, as well as advice for development. We carefully review all comments. Among them there were many responses that “did not believe” what we announced at the show. In particular, we encountered a lot of predictions that the business model would not be as advertised. I don’t feel guilty that they didn’t believe me. Of course, we know that trust can only be created through action. We believe action and trust are our top priorities and will continue to work on them, so stay tuned.

By the way, our ideal for TL is “a PC-MMORPG that attracts a lot of people.” Monetization and game structure also have a common direction towards achieving this goal. As you probably guessed from what we said at the show, we also confirmed with our global partner AGS (Amazon) that we are on the same page. We promise that this will not change in our domestic or global services.

About the collections

We’ve heard a lot of concerns about collectible content, and we thought it would be nice to do a little more than just promise to work on this issue. So here’s some additional information that we didn’t have time to share during the demo.

We’ve removed the concept of levels from Amitoy and Wild Forms (transformations) – they all have the same level and the same stats. Since they are mounts, they have features such as activating abilities depending on the terrain they are moving through, but we want them to be equally effective.

The same goes for “in-game rewards” and “paid items”. Since they are multi-layered and have the same characteristics, the selection criterion for purchasing them is based on cosmetic preferences. Both Amitoy and Wild Forms will still get their base forms for free as you play, but you’ll be able to purchase them for money if you prefer a certain look.

The existence of collectible content, board books, and collectible levels also contributed to the assumption that it would be a non-cosmetic product. As we mentioned at the show, all collectible content is fully unlocked through in-game purchases. While paid items can fill gaps in collectible content, we have set very limited limits on their effectiveness. Here are some of the restrictions we have set:

  • The maximum level requirement for the Amita Collection, which unlocks benefits based on the quantity you own, is less than the combined rewards for content and event distributions, including pre-orders. For reference, most Amitas we prepare are split between content rewards (80%) and event rewards (5%). Paid products such as individual sales and pass rewards account for about 15%.
  • Collections obtained by combining certain Amitoys do not require paid counterparts.
  • The point multiplier for increasing the “collection level” of Wild Forms is set so that in-game rewards are at least five times higher than paid items.
  • All Amitoy and transformation items are fixed, one-time purchases, and collectible content does not require you to purchase the same item again.
  • All collectibles do not have the concept of synthesis and growth.
The fourth letter from the producer of Throne and Liberty - about monetization, collections and PvP

Collectible content exists to reward participation in in-game content. We will continue to adjust the quantity and distribution method without disrupting the original intent, and want to keep paid related products optional. We hope you enjoy the game and find Amita and the beast transformations rewarding.

Solving PvP related problems

Given the importance of guild communities and competitive content, we’ve heard a lot of concerns about PvP fatigue. We believe this may have been caused by a controversial line in our show: “You can feel the growth of your guild and yourself through peaceful play.” We apologize for not being more clear.

We’ve decided to make event hunting grounds temporary PvP-enabled conflict zones and give you the ability to engage in PvP whenever you want.

Given this, you may be concerned about limiting your participation in events. To compensate for this, for every round of regular regional events there will be two peace mode events where PvP is not possible. Boss fights will also regularly take place in peaceful mode. The same goes for the world’s hardest bosses, the Archbosses, so even if you’re not a PvP player, you’ll still be able to experience everything the world has to offer.

The fourth letter from the producer of Throne and Liberty - about monetization, collections and PvP

We are also working on alternatives for peaceful players in a number of other areas. We don’t want the game to be multi-layered, we want to create an environment where you can play the way you want and share the benefits with other players. But if we see results that are contrary to our intentions, we will make changes to the system before it is too late. As we said, we understand that this is important for a “massively multiplayer MMORPG on PC.”

This is a summary of what we felt needed to be explained after the show. We understand that actions speak louder than words. And we will try our best to explain what we can and do our best to release a game that meets all expectations.


The G-Star exhibition starts next week. Since this is the first G-Star in a long time, we have prepared a lot of content. We’ll be giving away coupons to those who pre-order or subscribe to our YouTube channel, and on the 18th, I (the producer) will be on stage to introduce the TL.

We discussed for a long time what exactly we wanted to show on stage, and settled on the concept of a boss battle. We take our affiliation with the PC MMORPG very seriously, and two pillars of this affiliation are the guild community and large-scale PvE. Many of you have told us how excited you are for our guild community, but we feel like our PVE content has been somewhat underrepresented compared to how important we think it is.

The fourth letter from the producer of Throne and Liberty - about monetization, collections and PvP

Therefore, on this stage we will show solo boss dungeons, six-player instanced dungeons, and guild raids. For those of you who love raiding and are up for a challenge, it’s going to be an exciting time, and we’ll be showing you the game in person, so we’ll be working hard on it. We hope to meet your expectations.

After the exhibition we will be very close to the release. We won’t let our busy schedule be an excuse for not being ready to launch.

Thanks for your waiting. This will be a game that will live up to your expectations.


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