The collection, which includes seven tracks, is called Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs.

Remedy Entertainment, the developers of Alan Wake 2, and composers from Fried Music, a Finnish music publisher, have teamed up to create Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs, a collection of seven unique tracks created specifically for the game. The first single from the collection, “Follow You into the Dark” (feat. RAKEL), premiered on streaming platforms today.

All seven tracks in this collection were created from scratch by Finland’s leading music producer Jukka Immonen together with the best musicians and composers in Finland. Each song and lyrics are uniquely crafted to fit into the world of Alan Wake 2. From setting the mood to imparting lore and secrets, the songs in this collection play a significant role in the game’s narrative and story.

The full version of the collection will be released on the release day of Alan Wake 2, October 27. The game will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.


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