Embark Studios showed a new juicy trailer for the fully destructible shooter THE FINALS and announced the start of an open beta test. The challenge will run from October 26 to November 5 for everyone on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The developers plan to release the free shooter before the end of this year, but have not yet disclosed approximate dates.

The beta test is planned to include:

  • New map Skyway Stadium, designed in the form of a huge stadium, which is constantly being rebuilt for greater replayability;
  • Two more maps that have already appeared in closed testing are Monaco and Seoul;
  • New beginner mode Bank-It, which divides players into four teams of three and allows you to accumulate coins;
  • Old Cashout mode, where players are also divided into four groups of three to collect boxes of money and race to put them into ATMs;
  • A free-for-all Battle Pass with 16 rewards that will carry over to release;
  • And also the opportunity to get a unique skin for a weapon by rising to the diamond league.

In addition, 20 weapons, 26 gadgets and 9 unique skills will already be available in the beta. The only thing missing is the Russian language, but in mass shooters it is not at all necessary.



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