The shadow of the Mad King has once again fallen on Tyria as Guild Wars 2 returns its namesake event for its annual Halloween launch.

This year, the usual line-up of time-limited activities in the Mad Realm has received a welcome addition in the form of a less stressful and less panic-inducing version of the Clock Tower Stopped puzzle.

“A new version of the long-known puzzle “Clock Tower of the Mad King” has appeared!” ArenaNet announced. “Normally inaccessible to visitors during maintenance, the Stopped Clock Tower is now open to guests wanting a more leisurely experience of the terrifying tower climb.” Existing achievements have been updated to reflect which version of the Clock Tower they can be completed in, and new achievements have been added that you can complete in each variant.”

Those who manage to reach the top of the scary clock tower will be rewarded with the opportunity to create four Paper Bag headdress skins, each with unique hand-drawn emotes. The Wizard’s Vault also includes new Halloween-themed quests.

The festive event will end on November 7, so if you have been planning to return to the game for a long time and try out the event, then you need to do this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, watch the holiday trailer below.


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