The European Union competition inspector said that the final decision on the deal Microsoft And Activision Blizzard more time will be needed. The regulator will announce the verdict on May 22.

It was previously planned that the experts of the European Commission will voice their opinion on April 25. However Microsoft provided a new package of documents for study. It contains guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations that the Mikes assumed after signing agreements with NVIDIA, Boosteroid, nintendo And Ubitus. In the event of a successful takeover ActiBlizz the above companies will have access to all games Xboxincluding franchise call of duty.

We have kept our promise to provide call of duty more players on more devices with console porting deals nintendo and cloud-based game streaming services. We are now backing that promise with a commitment to the European Commission, ensuring that this deal will benefit gamers going forward.

Brad Smith (Brad Smith), President Microsoft

Now the European Commission will conduct a survey among competitors and consumers to give an expert assessment. Reuters sources claim that the agreements concluded may persuade the regulator to approve the deal.


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