tower of fantasy– finally released globally! True, without the support of the Russian language. Yes, and with English, too, there are questions. But in general, the game is catchy … Perhaps with its anime-style sci-fi atmosphere, perhaps with a beautiful picture, or even with pleasant game mechanics.

But what makes it so catchy that I spent more than five hours in the game on the very first evening, I will try to figure it out with you in this article.

Perhaps the first thing that pleased me personally at the launch of the game was its very juicy picture, which looks great even on my 1050TI.

It’s nice to run around the world. Control for PC is immediately made convenient and does not look like on an emulator.

So here we have a sci-fi MMORPG with combat elements inspired by Honkai Impact 3rd. And it has a lot to do. A big and strong plot, of course, which is better to delve into in Russian, but so far there are no options.

For those who, after installing the client from the official website on the PC, the language inside did not switch from Elvish to at least English, then here I have a small instruction for you:​if you have language problems, delete myculturename file path to Tower Of Fantasy/Hotta/Content/PatchPaks. Then we launch the game, and it will all be in English.

The endless tower of fantasy or three days in the Tower of Fntasy

Actually, after you install the client and figure out the languages ​​for the game, you will have another interesting task of choosing a server for the game. If for you, as well as for me in such projects, it is fundamentally important to have a Russian-speaking community, then our choice of servers is as follows:

  • Astora (Europe) – the main Russian server in Tower of Fantasy
  • Estrela (Europe) – spare Russian server in Tower of Fantasy
  • Babel (Asia-Pacific) is a Russian server in Tower of Fantasy for players living in the Far East.

Naturally, in the first days after the launch of the game, gigantic queues began to accumulate on the servers, which for me personally is a sign of the demand for the game, although the waiting numbers in the queue inspire horror.

After we break into the selected server, we are waiting for the almost classic character choice between a boy and a girl.

The endless tower of fantasy or three days in the Tower of Fntasy

So, we will run a short prologue for an already created dummy, and then we create our character in a special story mission.

The endless tower of fantasy or three days in the Tower of Fntasy

We have only one main character here, but in the course of the story we open characters with their unique weapons. Actually, we can then pull the skins over ourselves for some reason. Personally, I run in the skin I created, just using the weapon from the character.

Weapons, like most of the really cool stuff in the game, are naturally obtained through the gacha system. Weapons, in turn, are divided into classes like:

  • Blue weapons – class R.
  • Purple weapon – SR class
  • The orange weapon is the SSR class.

The endless tower of fantasy or three days in the Tower of Fntasy

As for where in the open world to test our arsenal, then during the game we are waiting for such activities as:

  • Apex League is a PvP tournament where you fight against real players.
  • Bygone Phantasm – This dungeon is going to be one of the most rewarding dungeons a player should participate in as it drops a lot of the materials needed to level up gear. Here you need to clear the levels for a while, reflecting the waves of enemies. An additional reward is given for a place in the ranking.
  • Frontier Clash – team dungeons in which tasks are constantly changing. They are divided into several stages, and the main boss awaits in the last one. You can get equipment, chips, gold and more.
  • Wormhole is a dungeon with roguelike elements where you go through levels, and if you lose, you start the path again. Here, players receive currency that can be used to buy equipment, materials, and more.
  • Joint Operation is another rewarding team dungeon that drops weapon upgrade materials and weapon chips.
  • Ability Training – In the open world you can find many mini-games, for winning which you get materials for upgrading chips and weapons.
  • Astral Exploration is a dungeon where you have to fight waves of enemies. As a reward, materials for improving weapons and chests with loot are given.
  • Dimensional Trials – In this dungeon, you can collect materials to upgrade chips, as well as the chips themselves.
  • Omnium Beacon – you can place several beacons in the open world, checking which every 24 hours, you will receive materials to improve weapons.
  • Spacetime Domain – Weapon upgrade materials can be found in this dungeon.
  • Orienteering – open world vehicle racing. Only available during certain hours.
  • Ruin Exploration – In these dungeons you have to solve puzzles, fight monsters, and then the boss. Higher difficulty unlocks as you level up. Replay is not required.
  • World Exploration – tasks aimed at exploring the open world. Each zone offers its own rewards.
  • Raid – Boss battles designed for 8 players. For passing the reward of the raid shop and armor parts is given.
  • Daily Rewards – Each day you are given four purple open-world quests that reward you with chips to open chests and yellow orbs for gacha.

I even created a short video about how some activities are played and weapons are felt, which you can watch below.

As you can see, most of these activities are played together with other players. This is the main feature of the entire Tower of Fantasy. Unlike all the same Genshin, here you can interact with other players and even create clans like in any ordinary MMORPG.

Perhaps this is exactly what I lacked in my time in Genshin. So, the project has every chance to become my game in the near future.

In the world of Tower of Fantasy, you as a player have a huge open world in front of you, in which you finally do not feel alone. And in our troubled times, this is perhaps very important. By the way, a new video for Shirley’s song has appeared on the official Japanese YouTube channel of the multiplayer Tower of Fantasy. She is portrayed by Haruka Tomatsu, who is also the voice actor for Shirley and Nemesis in the Japanese voice acting.

The clip contains a lot of serious spoilers related to this character. Therefore, if you have not gone through the main storyline enough and are afraid to spoil your impressions, then we advise you to listen to the song in the background without watching the clip itself. But it turned out very cool.


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