A new character has appeared in The Seven Deadly Sins – Queen Hel. It can be embossed in a new banner with the theme of the Ragnarok festival. This is an SSR-level hero.

With the arrival of the new update, players will experience content related to Chapter 7 of The End of the World. For completing the new chapter, gamers will receive the “Queen of Helheim” artifact card, plus 20 diamonds.

Players also have access to 5 new missions, for which they can receive 30 diamonds, upgrade materials and 10 tickets for a gacha call through a new banner.

Additional tickets can be obtained after destroying bosses and through roulette. And for logging in every day for 28 days, players will receive 150 diamonds.

Some gamers didn’t like the fact that Netmarble developers were deleting inactive accounts. They also don’t like auto combat with auto movement.

Others believe that without these features, The Seven Deadly Sins would be inconvenient to play, but due to the bunch of mechanics, the game still gets boring. And after long sessions, the battery on the device can quickly run out.


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