After a very long time, it is worth returning to the open spaces of the online world of Tamiriel again. In the vastness of this wonderful world there is such a character and class as Varden. So let’s break it down a bit.

Warden (Varden) is a unique class that can develop in three unique directions at once, which accordingly makes it a unique and powerful fighter, mage or even a tank, but the coolest thing is that it has a branch for summoning animals, which makes it the first really powerful summoner.
So today I want to tell you how to make a real summoner out of Varden, or, as it would even be more correct to say a druid.
To begin with, we need to understand that we need a mana-oriented race. And we will also invest all the points in mana (from the 1st to the 10th level, for sure).

And so, we have three branches of development: 1) Animal companions: With the help of this branch, the keeper can summon strong creatures in battle that can provide support and attack the enemy. If you want to haunt your enemies by unleashing screaming cliffracers on them with the dive ability and of course summoning an entire War Bear to fight (and even tank for you).

From this branch, we will definitely need such skills as:

Dive – Give the order to the cliffracer to pounce on the enemy from the air and deal magic damage.

• Burning (Scorch) – Summons a group of shalks that attack after 3 seconds. Deals magic damage to 6 enemies in a 20x7m area in front of you.

• Roy (Swarm) – releases a swarm of fetcher flies that attack the enemy. Deals magic damage over 10 seconds.

These are the most basic three skills at the expense of which we will attack, but no matter how much mana we have, it tends to end.
So, in the hands as a weapon, you must have a staff of destruction.
The best thing in this case is the staff of fire.
As for skills, from the staff itself, skills such as:

Force Shock– Concentrates the energy of all elements in your staff and strikes the enemy, dealing [509 / 514 / 520 / 526] units fire damage.

It is also possible, in principle, to take Wall of Elements
(Elemental Wall) –
You slam your staff on the ground, creating an elemental wall in front of you. The wall deals 471 damage. magic damage every 1 sec. enemies in the marked area. Fire Barrier deals additional damage to burning enemies. Ice Barrier reduces the movement speed of frostbitten enemies. An electrical barrier throws shell-shocked enemies off balance. (This skill can be replaced, for example, Burnout).

The ultimate ability from this branch is also required.

Feral Guardian) – Summon a grizzly that fights by your side. Grizzly strikes deal magic damage. When summoned, you can activate Defender’s Rage for 75 Ultimate. Deals magic damage and targets below 25% health take 100% more damage. Grizzly attacks deal 12% more damage.

Now the second and last for us of the mandatory branches of pumping.

Green Balance
Using Green Balance, the keeper draws healing power and protective charms from nature itself. Green balance is ideal if you want to keep allies alive with healing seeds or live vines to help your fighter hold off enemies.
And here we simply need such a skill as: Fungal Growth – sows a large area with mushrooms that heal you and six allies in a cone in front of you with a radius of 60 meters and an angle of 60 degrees.

Well, that’s all we need for a mandatory game in the early stages. From 1st to 15th level.

As for armor, we need to put on medium armor so that it gives us an increase in magic, and we collect all rings and other jewelry exclusively for health in order to survive in the end.

Although we will often die in the early stages, so we will definitely stock up on health bubbles and remember to use them periodically.

I think this is enough for a start to start playing an interesting class with an interesting build.

In the meantime, you can watch a short video.


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