In search of a good MMORPG, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that any really good game simply needs to be paid for. Actually, after that I decided to look after a game for myself according to the “buy and play” distribution model. Well, or in the popular Buy to play. By the way, projects on this model have recently become more and more.

Take at least the currently super popular sandbox “Dark and Light”. Her online even for the period of early access just rolls over. Yes, and the Russian language is already there.
But somehow I don’t really like all these sandbox-style projects. So, I decided to take something more personally interesting for myself.
And now I’m talking about one of the most popular online games of our time, The Elder Scrolls Online.
Let’s now try to explain to you why I chose it.

1) Iconic universe and great story: many players love this game and yes, TESO conveys its signature atmosphere quite well.

2) A fairly adequate price at the moment: at the very start, the game cost 4,000 rubles and had a paid subscription with it. Now the game is in its kit without global additions from 1000 -700 rubles if this is not a Steam version. If we talk about the Steam version, then you can always snatch it at discounts for about 600-300 rubles.

3) Modification and localization: although there is no official Russian localization for this project, there is an excellent RuESO addon so that you can play quite freely even without knowing English. And after downloading the Minion program, you can put yourself this and other useful addons that will help you a lot during the game.

4) Atmosphere: definitely atmosphere is what we love about TES games. Here it is transferred both in the environment and in the music (for the first time I did not put music from my player instead of the game’s music). There are also good old books and scrolls that you can read and feel the world.

5) Classes and races: everything here is classic, so to speak. Familiar races and classes and complete freedom in terms of pumping. That is, no one will forbid you to create an orc, a mage in heavy armor. Or the same war with a two-handed sword, or even two swords. About the sword and shield, I don’t say this at all, and it’s so clear.

6) Content and tasks: according to the history of the world, events take place approximately 1000 years before the events of Skyrim. Even if you buy the most standard version of the game without the latest global additions, it will take you more than one hour. Tasks of course may seem very standard for all multiplayer online games, but they do not have time to get bored at all. And as a rule, while you are running and doing one task, you can meet someone else who needs your help. It is also possible that one seemingly small quest will open up a whole chain of completely different quests. Everything related to installing additional global updates. It’s up to you to choose what exactly you need and how DLC will be needed for you.

7) Customization and pumping: creating your character at the very beginning will take you far from five minutes. There are enough sliders with settings here, so you will already have something to stick into at the very start of the game. Well, we swing according to the classics: what we wear and use the most is what swings … About your class and racial skills

8) Socialization and communities: there are already quite a lot of Russian-speaking players in The Elder Scrolls Online, and in general the Russian community itself is constantly actively developing. In the game itself, you can also complete the task of obtaining your own small house and then you can furnish it to your liking. Previously, all this was available only with the purchase of an add-on and a paid subscription, but after the release of the launch version of The Tamriel Unlimited, these pleasant little things became available to everyone. So, even after completing hundreds of tasks, you can always start arranging your own home. And you will never be alone in the game if you wish.

Well, here are at least these few reasons why you should already dive into the world of The Elder Scrolls Online with your head. So, see you in the game.


Shubham, a passionate gaming expert with over a decade of experience in the gaming industry. Shubham has been an avid gamer since he was young, and his love for video games has only grown over the years. He's an expert in all things gaming, from the latest trends and technologies to the most popular games and platforms.

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