Publisher Bethesda will likely focus its efforts on developing The Elder Scrolls: VI after the release of Starfield. Yes, Todd Howard made a controversial game, but you can’t go wrong with the TES series.

And we are back again to the situation that while Microsoft is completely busy buying Activision Blizzard to get Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone Mobile, everyone has forgotten about The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The last update for it was released on March 7, although the Turkish Google Play indicates that the last patch was downloaded on February 23. Either way, it’s a long break for a mobile F2P game.

The fate of The Elder Scrolls: Blades becomes even sadder when you realize that it has no successor: if Fallout Shelter has Fallout Shelter Online, then Bethesda cannot break away and direct some of the developers to create TES Blades 2. But that’s what Todd Howard and his subordinates can do.

The further fate of The Elder Scrolls: Blades

  • Option “for the lazy” — Bethesda is releasing a companion app that expands or duplicates the functionality of The Elder Scrolls VI. This is something you rarely see these days, but this approach would tie smartphones, PCs and consoles into one The Elder Scrolls ecosystem;
  • Option “with an arrow in the leg” —Bethesda realizes that it has The Elder Scrolls Online, the active player base of which can be expanded by releasing this MMORPG on smartphones. In general, mid-range and top-end mobile devices could pull off this miracle;
  • Option “Khajiit” – Bethesda is hiring a separate Chinese studio to develop a separate MMO based on the TES series. In general, this is the most realistic option, since Fallout Shelter Online is published by a Chinese studio. On the other hand, this option will be the lowest quality if Todd Howard does not enlist the support of Tencent and NetEase Games.

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