One of the main activities in the open world of The Division Resurgence is exploring the streets of Manhattan. The list of tasks includes a fight with patrol squads, skirmishes with enemy factions for control of points of interest, help citizens with the restoration of electricity and water supply, and so on.

As players explore the world of The Division Resurgence, players will be able to find new equipment, ammo, and important materials for leveling and crafting. Ubisoft also hints at daily tasks from the inhabitants of the settlement – for them you need to collect resources and help, going out into the dangerous streets of New York.

Another of the duties of The Division Resurgence players is to rescue prisoners in response to an emergency call. They must not only be saved from the hands of bandits, but also brought to a safe place safe and sound.

Also, local gangs in The Division Resurgence conduct deals to buy weapons. Therefore, in order to have fewer flamethrowers and other enemies armed to the teeth on the streets, it is necessary to catch them during the transaction and ambush them.

Restoring outposts

Many locations and outposts first belonged to agents of The Division, after which they were pushed back by armed gangs. Your mission is to clear outposts and gain control over new territories. The developers are hinting that for a successful sortie, it will be necessary to repel several waves of the enemy.


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