The next beta test for The Division Resurgence has begun, but on a minor note – unlike the previous testing, Ubisoft was prepared, so they are conducting it only in 3 countries: the USA, Brazil and Australia.

In theory, you can play on iOS and Android, and in Australia, according to the community manager of The Division Resurgence, entry is “free.” You just need to pre-register and have a smartphone supported by the game.

I note that The Division Resurgence servers are already open, now not only for content creators. The game will offer new training and changed content based on feedback from participants in the last test.

On iOS you can play if you receive a link to TestFlight. That is, changing the region to the 3 countries indicated at the beginning of the news is pointless. The developers also say that you can activate the invitation code through official site.

It is hoped that Australia is a bit delayed due to the time zone and The Division Resurgence can be downloaded directly through the Australian Google Play late in the evening or at night Moscow time.

Google Play


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