The big Kings of Battle update for War Thunder is on its way, and Gaijin Entertainment has begun to reveal some details about it by publishing a new teaser.

So the M109 self-propelled howitzer from American artillery will be added to the game. M109 howitzers have been produced since the 60s and participate in all US ground military operations to this day. They are still in service in dozens of countries and are even used in modern conflicts.

This vehicle in various modifications will join the line of ground vehicles in several countries. Germany and Italy will receive the m109g equipped with smoke grenade launchers. Israel will receive the basic version of the m109. USA and UK – m109a1 with an extended barrel. All of these M109 variants are equipped with a single 155mm high-explosive round, which, with the right strategy, can destroy a lightly armored vehicle and even cause trouble for heavy tanks. China will receive its own alternative vehicle – the PLZ-83 SPG.

If you want to fight in the skies, the F-111 tactical bomber and Japanese ground vehicles will receive air cover from a new system – the TAN-SAM-1C air defense system. The F-111 bomber was the first production aircraft and entered service in the 1960s, later serving in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

There are also two battleships on the way – HMS Iron Duke and IGN Yamashiro. Both of these ships are also available for pre-order.

This will be a big update, and the team will continue to reveal information until the update releases in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the upcoming expansion just below.


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