Ironcore Game Studio has shared new details about what awaits testers in the upcoming Perfect New World test.

First up, the testing date is set for November 14th, and will officially introduce the spear-wielding Dragonspear class, whose flashy moves are sure to catch enemies off guard and leave them in complete awe, if they survive that long.

During testing, testers will have access to three new areas: Desert Outskirts, Mountain Plains and Mechanopolis. In addition, the game will feature a new dungeon, Skycrest Mine, many new bosses, a battle royale mode, and a working mounting system.

If you’re still waiting for an invitation to the balancing act challenge, you can try your luck by spinning the wheel for a chance to get into the game. You have until the end of today, so act quickly.

In the meantime, you decide whether the game is worth your attention, just below, as always, you can watch the latest trailer.


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