It turns out that the developers of the MMORPG Tarisland did not understand the meaning of the Pay-2-Win concept. Readers of our portal are aware that a closed beta test of this game is now coming. Its feature, in addition to partial localization into Russian, was access to a paid store.

Before the CBT, developers from the Level Infinite studio regularly emphasized that Tarisland would do its best to avoid aggressive monetization and not add items to the donation store that would affect the effectiveness of the game.

But the start of the PTA presented a fact: all these statements were, if not lies, then strong deceit. Take the €40 Battle Pass, which gives you plenty of items to quickly build up your hero’s reputation and other significant benefits over its free counterpart. In addition, the game lacks trade between characters, which also did not add joy to gamers. At the same time, you can buy gold for real money and spend it at the auction, buying cool equipment.

Naturally, the community did not remain silent, and a real storm broke out in the game’s Discord. The game administration quickly responded by publishing an open letter on the issue of P2W in the game. We have translated it for you.


Dear adventure lovers

Thank you all for your feedback on the second version of the CBT. We have noticed an increase in discussions on the topic of P2W in the community, and we sincerely apologize for any misunderstandings that may occur.

The developers of MMORPG Tarisland misunderstood the meaning of the term Pay-2-Win - they promised to improve

We have seen many games that provide players with a substandard gaming experience due to the sale of equipment and items in official stores that affect character statistics or game balance. Due to this, we strive to create a fair MMORPG and have decided not to sell such items in our official store, considering this model as non-P2W. After conducting this test, we found that our understanding differs from the community’s, and we will be more careful in describing monetization in the future. When developing this monetization model, we initially aimed to provide players with smoother growth and create a healthy in-game ecosystem.

In the current project, all items traded in the Auction House are directly provided and valued by players, allowing players to benefit from transactions.

The developers of MMORPG Tarisland misunderstood the meaning of the term Pay-2-Win - they promised to improve

At the same time, we have limited player-to-player trading to minimize the spread of offline transactions and player losses caused by gold mining bot farms. Our goal is to provide players with a fair gaming experience and a safe trading environment.

Thanks to community feedback, we also realized many of the shortcomings of this test. We will take player feedback seriously, adhere to the principle of prohibiting the sale of items and equipment that improve character performance in the official store, and continuously optimize the monetization model to ensure a fair gaming environment and a positive gaming experience after the official launch of the game.

The developers of MMORPG Tarisland misunderstood the meaning of the term Pay-2-Win - they promised to improve

We strive to create a stable MMORPG that gives all players a fair and classic experience. We appreciate the support of all adventurers and thank you again for your contributions.

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