Last week, the Destiny 2 community solved a special in-game puzzle that revealed the plot of the final season ahead of the release of The Final Shape expansion next year. A new teaser for this final season of Wish was released today.

We got here after the final Imbaru Engine puzzle was completed. Witch Queen Savathune created a series of challenging challenges, and now the community has completed them. All that remained was to get Riven’s egg for the dragon of desires Ahamkara. Not only that, but how to enter the portal that the Witness made inside the Traveler seems to be born from the Fifteenth Wish, from the pattern on her wings.

All these events will lead us to the season finale. The Guardians will have to return to the City of Dreams, and there new tasks, new equipment and new secrets await them. All this, of course, will lead us to the final form. It may be possible to reach the Witness through these discoveries, but the new missions of this season will take all the time before we complete this path.

The Final Shape will release on February 27, 2024, with new episodes following the release of the expansion.

Well, while we are waiting for the update to come out, just below, as usual, you can watch the latest trailer for the game.


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