The mobile game The Division Resurgence is preparing for its next beta test. Developers from Ubisoft published a new video in which they announced that the 2nd regional test will begin on November 16th. It will take place in the USA, Brazil and Australia.

The Division Resurgence will feature a snowy New York as December, Christmas and New Years approaches.

In the beta test, players will have access to:

  • Early story missions;
  • A large number of side quests;
  • PvPvE content.

The most important thing for newcomers to The Division is that the first training missions have been redone and simplified to please those who are not familiar with this genre.

Players will also be able to test each class.

The developers also tried to correct the balance affecting almost all elements of the game. Therefore, now the gameplay will be more understandable and interesting, and rare loot will appear earlier.

New features in The Division Resurgence

A new mode will be added to the game for advanced gamers – the “Lone Wolf” challenge. These will be separate levels with increasing difficulty. This will allow you to see if your build is progressing.

In Lone Worf you will be able to choose 1 of 3 random upgrades. The more levels you complete, the more valuable rewards you can receive.

Legendary Dungeons

The coolest players will be able to gather a team of loyal friends and take part in legendary dungeons. These dungeons are updated every week.

Solo Dark Zone

Tired of facing a group of enemies in the Dark Zone? Ubisoft added a separate queue for solo players so they can only play against each other.


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