Tsuki Adventure 2 is a mobile game that the studio HyperBeard Inc wanted to release on November 15th and kept its word. At least the version for iOS has been available since this morning, but pre-registration is underway on Google Play. Despite this, Tsuki Adventure 2 took 4th place in the top quizzes in the App Store.

Tsuki Adventure 2 will offer journeys through Japanese forests and a Mushroom Village. As players explore locations, they will find secrets. They will also improve their cozy house by furnishing it with furniture. It will also be possible to open new territories.

Rabbit Tsuki will not be alone this time – he will be helped by friends whom he will meet along the way. You can go to the beach or have a picnic with them. Strengthening intimacy with new acquaintances will allow you to recognize their memories that will remain with you forever.

Feature of the game Tsuki Adventure 2 – Tsuki and his friends continue to live their lives even when you are offline. It’s a pity that there is no Russian language, according to the App Store.

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