To participate in the closed alpha testing of the engine, 200 places have been allocated for 20 studios, the first of which will be BERYOSKI (“Partisans 1941”), “Siberia Nova” (“Trouble”), as well as the AI ​​solutions laboratory Nanosemantics.

The Nau team has presented a general development roadmap for the engine until 2025, which will include a closed alpha launch before the end of 2023, an open beta until the end of 2024, and finally a release before the end of 2025. Nau Engine is created on an open source basis, will be available to developers of any qualifications and can be used for projects for PC, consoles, mobile platforms and the web.

Nau Engine will include a convenient editor and the ability to connect to any programming language. Documentation and training materials can be found on the engine portal. In the future, tools will be introduced to help publish and operate game projects, work with the community, bug tracking, integration of analytics services, SDK distribution platforms, flexible and simple CI/CD pipelines for projects.

Nau Engine plans to actively cooperate with educational and scientific organizations. The engine team has already entered into a partnership with ITMO University, which will become a testing ground for the engine in the educational environment. Working with leading universities will become the basis for creating educational programs in video game development. As part of the collaboration, it is planned to use Nau Engine as a research tool, and in 2024, following the open beta test, the release of the first edition of a full-fledged textbook on the engine.


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