Studio ZA/UM released a statement on the current status of lawsuits against the company. With former producer Kaur Kender (Kaur Kender) managed to reach an agreement. And the creator of the setting Disco Elysium and former game designer Robert Kurvitz (Robert Kurvitz) withdrew his lawsuit.

Scandal around the studio ZA/UM broke out in October 2022. Kurwitz along with two other key employees sued the company. They said they were unfairly fired in 2021 after asking questions about bizarre financial transactions. According to them, the company Tütreke OÜ swallowed up Zaum Studio OÜ fraudulently taking money for the acquisition from the budget for the development of the sequel Disco Elysium – €4.8 million.

Also in November 2022 Kaur Kender accused Ilmar Compus (Ilmar Kompus), Executive Director ZA/UMin that the head of the fraud received from Kendera about a million euros.

It has now become known that Kaur Kender and the studio entered into a settlement agreement. The former producer withdrew his lawsuit back in December. Kaur paid the company’s legal fees and sold shares in the studio to current management.

I am grateful to the team for the years of trust and cooperation that have made Disco Elysium successful project. After I left my position, I filed this claim. But now, looking at the facts, I realized that I was mistaken.

Kaur Kender

Also in ZA/UM noted that Robert Kurvitz withdrew his claim due to lack of evidence. The company is still facing accusations against itself. But studio executives are confident that any lawsuits will be crushed after due diligence.


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