There were not that many interesting releases in July, but this does not mean that interesting materials did not appear on StopGame! If suddenly some articles passed by you, we offer to catch up.

We read a new book about Resident Evil

Not so long ago, a book about the creation of Resident Evil was published in Russian. What happened – a really interesting work or a sluggish retelling of Wikipedia? understood Vladimir Sechkarev.

How games continued the plots of famous films

More often than not, interactive movie adaptations retell movie plots or serve as spin-offs. But there were also cases when developers released sequels to films, such as “Brother 2” and “Hard Boiled”. He told about the most amusing examples Yaroslav Gafner.

Reviews and first impressions

  • Sonic Origins – a decent, but far from ideal re-release of the classic Sonic.
  • The Caligula Effect 2 – A JRPG with a writer’s hand persona. There are a lot of Japanese specifics in the game, and it’s up to you whether it’s a plus or a minus.
  • Disgaea 6 Complete – Another very Japanese RPG. Kirill Voloshin claims that this is a good entry point into the series, despite the number 6 in the title.
  • arcadegeddon is a curious action roguelike that showed promise at the early access stage, but could not reach its potential.
  • Overwatch 2. Alexey Likhachev tested the beta version of the expected shooter and shared his impressions of fresh characters and changed old ones.
  • Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms – a promising combination of RPG and soullike, and even with a script from Chris Avellone (Chris Avellone). So far, however, only in early access.
  • Stray – one of the main hits of the summer, a very beautiful and cozy story about a cat in cyberpunk.

In August, we will also not leave you without cool materials – wait for the next portion dragon agea new editorial, reviews of upcoming new products and more!


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