The Company Man was originally a game for Nintendo Switch. Now they are going to port it to iOS. Pre-registration is taking place in the App Store with a release date of November 2.

The developers of The Company Man say that this is a classic action platformer with an unusual plot. The fact is that the main character is a typical office plankton who decided to become a CEO. He will have to pick up the keyboard and destroy all the accountants and other colleagues on his way to promotion.

The creators of The Company Man promise locations that were drawn by hand. They are also different – from cold air-conditioned floors to a paperwork-strewn HR department.

As players progress through The Company Man, they will be able to upgrade their weapons. You can also take a coffee break to restore your health and stamina. For example, coffee beans can be purchased in special vending machines for coins that fall from defeated colleagues.

The Company Man offers several difficulty levels. The most difficult one opens after the first passage.

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