Judging by the latest issue of Nintendo Direct, a colorful shooter Splatoon 3 just bursting with content! Let’s recap the main thing.


The main mode is Turf War. In it, two teams of four people try to paint over as much territory as possible for three minutes. Accordingly, the side that covers the largest percentage of the map with paint wins.

Other PvP modes: capturing certain areas, defending a moving tower, carrying an object to the desired point, and an analog of American football.

In addition, a PvE mode has been announced, where four players need to fend off waves of fish and collect golden eggs.


At the start, 12 maps will be presented, including on city streets, in the market, in the slums and on the bridge. Some maps have moving elements like platforms that go up and down.

New maps will be added for free after release.


All the main types of weapons from the past parts will be available, but new ones will also appear. Among the latter are a bow that shoots several projectiles at once, and a sword that splatters paint at a short distance.

In addition, special weapons will return. Here, too, it will not do without new products – for example, you can activate:

  • Refrigerator with drinks that give bonuses like speed.

  • A thing that periodically releases waves around itself, marking enemies and inflicting damage on them. You can jump over the waves.

  • A shark that quickly rushes (and you sit on it) in a straight line and explodes, spraying paint in all directions and causing damage.

Weapons can be bought in the store for a special currency, which is issued for leveling up and regularly using the same gun.

Card game

In the city you can play a card game in the spirit of Turf War. The cards feature Tetris-like pieces that need to fill as much space as possible on the board. Details will be announced another time.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th on the Nintendo Switch. After the release, there will be a major paid DLC, and the authors will also release catalogs with items (something like a battle pass) every three months for two years.

At the end of August, a temporary demo will be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers – from 19:00, August 27, to 07:00, August 28 (Moscow time).


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