Striking Distance promised to release a set of “Infection” for The Callisto Protocol in March. Finally a team clarified The release date for the next content add-on is March 14th.

What is included in the supplement:

  • Mode for the story campaign with less ammo and health points. In the event of the death of Jacob, the passage will have to start over.

  • Collection of skins “Watchtower”.

  • 14 fresh death animations for the protagonist.

Previously, the horror game received a “New Game +”, a higher level of difficulty and a set of skins. Sometime in the spring, another bundle awaits the fans of the project, and in the summer, a plot expansion should land.

Recall The Callisto Protocol Released December 2, 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Release of the first creation Striking Distance turned out to be bumpy – the horror received average ratings, and also spoiled the nerves of PC gamers due to poor optimization.


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