Anomaly Collapse from the RocketPunch Games studio has entered a global beta test, open to everyone. From October 17 to October 31, 2023, the turn-based RPG strategy is available on Steam as a demo. During this time, the developers and publisher Spiral Up Games will be accepting player comments, so you too can contribute to the development of Anomaly Collapse.

According to the CEO of Spiral Up Games:

“Anomaly Collapse combines turn-based mechanics and roguelike features against a supernatural sci-fi backdrop. Every step in this game is a deliberate tactical dance. We invite everyone to take part in the global beta test and explore a universe designed for both experienced strategists and newcomers to the genre.”

The game invites us to go on an unusual adventure and lead a trio of “formidable” furry warriors, each of whom is endowed with their own unique character, fighting style and skills. In battles we will use anomalies – powerful artifacts with unique tactical abilities. And the battlefield for us will not be just a static grid, but a “living, constantly changing challenge.”

Anomaly Collapse does not have a release date, nor does it have a Russian language. The game is planned for PC only.



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