In this article, we will talk about how to choose your first aircraft for RB (realistic battles) in War Thunder.

To begin with, let’s say why even switch from arcade battles to RB. The main aspect here is material. This is easy to see if you go to Research, select “Arcade Battles”, and then compare with “Realistic”. So, on average, bonuses and rewards for realistic battles are three times more!

But besides the financial aspect, there is another feature. If in the arcade you are constantly shooting, explosions are heard everywhere, in a word – trash, then realistic battles are more like a chess game – either you are the enemy or the enemy is you. In realistic battles, you need to think a lot more and shoot a lot less – and this is also very interesting in its own way. This is a real intellectual struggle.

The article is devoted to aircraft of the first era. Since realistic battles are most profitable to conquer at the first rank. It is at the first rank that most beginners fly, which means it will be easier for you to win.

Next, we will talk about the most interesting – which aircraft in war thunder are the best for each nation when conquering realistic battles, or, in other words, which planes to download for RB.


F2A-3 Buffalo

This nation has two of the best aircraft to conquer realistic combat F2A-3 Buffalo and P-36-G Hawk. They have a similar rating.

The F2A-3 is more suitable for hit-and-run (boom-zoom) tactics, and we can be pleased in it with four large-caliber Browning machine guns with a good ammo capacity of 1300 rounds.

The main advantage of this aircraft is its good diving speed, good rate of climb, good maneuverability and very powerful armament. Four Browning machine guns not only tear apart their targets, but also set them on fire quite well.

The main thing on this plane is not to get involved in skirmishes, but to strike and quickly roll off. Chasing the Buffalo is also quite good, thanks to the fact that it has a powerful air-cooled engine that is not very prone to overheating.

hawkP-36-G Hawk

If we talk about Hawke, then here we have four rifle-caliber machine guns, 2000 rounds and two large-caliber Brownings with 200 rounds each.

The main difference between this aircraft and the Buffolo is that it can fight not only vertically (up and down), but also can very well conduct maneuverable horizontal combat, which makes it a very versatile machine, although not without flaws. And in terms of maneuverability against the Soviet Chaika or the Japanese Hayabusa, he can do little.

In general, the plane spins quite well, which is very important in combat.



Let’s move on to the most difficult nation in terms of conquering realistic battles, because it has practically no Nagibator aircraft. The only plane that deserves attention at rank one is the Heinkel-112-B0.

The aircraft is distinguished primarily by two 20 mm cannons with poor ballistics and two rifle machine guns. Of the pluses, one can single out good maneuverability, good diving speed and still cannons, if, of course, you can hit them (his accuracy is so-so).

It is worth noting that for beginners, this machine is clearly complicated. However, it has a pretty good rate of climb and after that a good dive speed. It should only be fired in short bursts. Fortunately, for the first era, your weapons are very powerful, and in the event of a hit, they often smash enemy aircraft to pieces.

Henkel maneuvers worse than Hokka, but if you hit the enemy, you can somehow spin around with him and gradually finish him off. If he has no damage, then you have little chance in a duel with a competent opponent. It is also not easy to catch up with the enemy near the ground, since Henkel’s engine power leaves much to be desired. Rely on tactics and weapons.


I-153-M62Legendary Seagull

Most start their first fight in War Thunder in the Soviet Union. And here the premium I-153-M62 Zhukovsky (Beetle) is very good. If you don’t have one, then you can take a free analogue of this aircraft – I-153-M-62 (Seagull). They are no different, but the premium one has more earnings.

Unlike other aircraft, you can take missiles. You can take as many as 8 missiles – these are four volleys of rockets. Rockets are very convenient to destroy bombers.

The plane is very well suited for those who love maneuverable air combat. The seagull is the real king of mobile battles near the ground. On it you can turn even the Japanese. You can break into a crowd of three or four fighters on this plane and make a commotion. Its short bursts saw, pierce and burn opponents with great efficiency. Of the shortcomings of Chaika, one can single out extreme vulnerability to incendiary projectiles, from which she burns like a torch.

The Seagull is a fun aircraft by definition, so if you want maneuverable combat and you are tired of boom-zoom, this is the best choice!

Great Britain

HurricaneHurricane MK-1

You might think that at the first rank the best British plane is the Gladiator, but it pales in comparison to the legendary Hurricane MK-1. This is a workhorse. It was she who for the most part repelled German raids – there were much fewer Speedfires.

Although the Hurricane already has 8 machine guns, this does not mean that the quantity must necessarily turn into quality. However, at their level, they can bring a lot of problems to the enemy. Hurricane climbs very well in the top variant and can dive quite well from there, tearing opponents apart, even if they are Soviets. However, it will not be easy for the Hurricanes with Chaikas, but you can always get away from them due to maximum speed and diving.


HayabusaHayabusa Ki-43

Hayabusa Ki-43 is a light fighter with the coolest maneuverability, but it is certainly not without flaws. And the main drawback is the ammunition load – only 500 large-caliber bullets for two machine guns. But in general, the aircraft performs quite well compared to opponents, and is well suited for beginners.

Hayabusa stands out for its agility and climb rate, due to which you often find yourself above your opponents and can attack them with impunity while they cannot do anything to you.

Given the extremely small ammunition load, we shoot in short bursts, as accurately as possible from close distances – no more than 300 meters, and try to set fire to the enemy. If we managed to set it on fire, we immediately release it, because spending ammunition is an unaffordable luxury for Hayabusa. Moreover, Japanese machine guns are not American Brownings.

Another disadvantage of this aircraft is that it is very fragile. No armor – falls apart from several hits, so do not substitute.

Due to the small mass, you can fight both vertically and horizontally with many opponents. Serious opponent here you will be only Seagull, which will enter into a maneuverable battle with you. But you can boomzum her due to the superiority in speed. The engine of Hayabusa practically does not overheat.


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