Today—November 21—at Steam A big autumn sale has begun, during which thousands of games received quite impressive discounts. The promotion will last until November 28th – exactly one week, so it’s time to check your wishlist. But keep in mind that this is the first autumn sale since Turkish and Argentine Steam abandoned the lira and pesos in favor of the dollar. Because of this, prices in the regions have risen noticeably.

And now about the most delicious offers of the sale. In first place is the Dark Souls series, in which all three games received a 50% discount: Dark Souls Remaster they give it for 1200₽, Dark Souls II for 600₽ and Dark Souls III for 1200₽ – you can immediately see which part turned out to be the least favorite “child”. Next comes the Divinity series, in which the first part Original Sin now costs only 210 rubles due to a 70% discount, and the second – Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 320 rubles with a 60% discount.

But what are we talking about fantasy worlds? It’s time to go into deep space:

  • The Stellaris strategy is sold for 390 rubles instead of 1300 rubles;
  • Horror game The Callisto Protocol for 1276₽ instead of 3645₽;
  • Fantastic shooter Deep Rock Galactic for a modest 263 rubles instead of 8 hundred.

Fans of driving trips will be able to pick up Euro Truck Simulator 2 at a 75% discount for only 313₽, and strategy lovers – Victoria 3 for 1249₽ instead of 2499. And finally, for change, you can grab some indie, survival and horror games:


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