Double Helix is ​​a role-playing game with action, battles and 3D graphics, reminiscent of Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero in terms of level of development.

There is a Chinese page for Double Helix market. This project will probably be released on smartphones and PCs. So far the developers have shown gameplay via GIF images. More information is promised on October 20.

Double Helix is ​​made on the Unreal Engine 4. The game will have a lot of action and shootings. Anime characters will be able to attack enemies from the air, hover above the ground and destroy opponents on rooftops. In this case, the battles will take place in real time, judging by one of the GIFs.

Chinese gamers believe that Double Helix will feature hero customization. For example, you can equip a dress with tentacles. So far, the release of this game is planned in China. If it becomes successful, then we can talk about a global release on iOS, Android and PC.

Pre-registration for the game can be done through Chinese market.


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