The developers of the military strategy Men of War 2 have released a new trailer dedicated to the imminent start of the open beta of the game.

Starting November 16, everyone will be able to evaluate the sequel, released via Steam on PC, for free. As part of the OBT, the developers promise to provide testers with access to both old and new content. Among them are:

  • 1 new PvE multiplayer mode
  • 10 multiplayer maps – 4 of which you’ve never seen before
  • 3 single-player missions that can also be completed in co-op with friends – 2 of them are also new
  • Classic Mode will return… this time with separate matchmaking and leaderboards
  • Faster connection and stable connection to servers, just like loading any game

The OBT will last until November 21, while the official release of Men of War 2 will take place in 2024.


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