Granado Espada M is a mobile MMORPG that will be released on iOS and Android. Pre-registration in markets will begin before the end of 2023, but for now the game has teaser page. It indicates that gamers will return to 2006 again.

Let me remind you that the original Granado Espada M came out in 2006; one of its publishers was If you believe Wikipediathen the Russian server is closed, and the version in Steam received mixed reviews.

In total, Granado Espada M players will have 5 classes:

  • Mage;
  • Warrior;
  • Scout;
  • Elementalist;
  • Musketeer.

Here’s what the developers say:

“We are in the final stages of development of the Granado Espada M. We will publish more detailed information in the coming days.”

I expect the mobile version to offer simple and slightly dated graphics. This is good news for budget smartphone owners.

But if Granado Espada M manages to retain the feeling and emotions of old MMORPGs, then the game has every chance of finding its niche. Otherwise, if this is another “reskin” of Lineage or Perfect World with donation and auto-questing, then there is no one to hope for except Asia.


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