It also received a story addition on all platforms.

In addition to the story campaign, the console version of Teardown includes additional content, including a sandbox mode, a creative mode, special challenges, and a free downloadable Mod Pack #1, which includes the best mods from the community. PS5 owners can also experience the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the Dualsense controller.

In addition, the Time Campers story add-on, set in the Wild West setting, was released on all platforms. Players will use tools from the cowboy era to obtain ancient materials and carry out a daring adventure on two new maps, then repair the time machine and return home.

Time Campers is the first of four premium expansions that Teardown will receive before the end of 2024. The add-on is included in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, as well as in the Season Pass. It can also be purchased separately.


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