Fan studio Team Arklay’s, which worked on a remake of the Dino Crisis adventure several years ago, showed what the first one would look like Resident Evil on the Unreal Engine 5. Let us recall that the original game from Capcom was released back in 1996, and its official remake in 2002. There is no release date for Team Arklay’s craft yet, and it is unclear whether there will be one at all – it all depends on the opinion of Capcom, which can cancel a fan project due to violation of the AP.

The first Resident Evil, of course, was not the first survival horror, but it still greatly developed the genre and won the love of fans. What can we say about its remake from Capcom, which is still considered by many to be one of the best parts of the series. But fans wanted more – over the past few years, players have been calling on the studio to make another remake using the Unreal Engine. But someone else responded.

Team Arklay’s showed a lot of details in their trailer: the opening cutscene, the interior of the Spencer mansion, various monsters like chimeras, hunters and zombies, as well as a lot of gameplay footage. Notably, the gameplay is a mix of two styles: the classic fixed-camera angles of the early RE games, and the more modern third-person perspective shots.


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