The Singaporean company Proxima Beta and the “global subsidiary” of Tencent Mobile received a fine of 1 million rubles from a magistrate. If you believe TASS, then the whole point is that the authors of PUBG Mobile refused to localize the personal data of Russian users. That is, their data is kept on servers abroad.

Moreover, representatives of Proxima Beta appeared in court and admitted their guilt, but asked to get by with a warning this time. The fact is that at the time Roskomnadzor drew up the protocol, the Singapore company was unable to transfer money for data localization services to the Russian Federation “due to technical problems.” Otherwise, the company admits that they have complied and will comply with this law.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royales in Russia. But its problems extend far beyond the borders of this country. So, in recent years, the game has been removed and then returned in India, another country where PUBG Mobile is popular.

Let me remind you that the Law “On Personal Data” requires that Russian and foreign companies keep personal information of Russians only on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is especially true for those foreign companies that do not have a physical representative office in Russia, but conduct business and offer services to Russians.


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