The developers of MMORPG Tarisland delight the community with frequent news about the upcoming game. This time they talked about world bosses and the mechanics of the Dark Invasion. We have translated this material into Russian for you.


In the vast world of Tarisland, endless adventures await brave explorers. Today we will present to you two processes that can be found in the world of the game. Gather your allies and get ready for the upcoming playtest in November.

Dark Invasion

On the continent of Taris, every action and decision shapes the fate of the planet, creating a myriad of possible futures. These intertwining destinies and decisions make up the dimension known as the “Multiverse.” However, among these endless possibilities, some were destroyed by the dark force and everything turned to ashes. These tragic dimensions began to distort and shift other realities, threatening the world as we know it.

Dark forces are constantly trying to take over Tarisland. Every three days, a certain area of ​​the world map goes into an “invasion” state. This will cause a prominent Dark Invasion icon to appear on the map screen. By clicking on this icon, the player can teleport to these extremely dangerous areas.

Dark Invasion is a gameplay based on completing certain quests and events over a cycle, designed to enrich the gameplay of the multiplayer world with more exciting and challenging content.

Once on captured maps, players can accept various tasks from NPCs, including destroying monsters, donating items, and closing portals. Everyone can choose quests according to their abilities and preferences.

In addition, while exploring the map you can encounter special events, such as escorting NPCs and guarding positions.

Tarisland World Content - Dark Invasion and World Bosses

By completing various quests or events on the map, adventurers can gradually defeat the invasion of dark forces and receive the highest rewards. These rewards may include in-game currency, reputation items, and character development materials. Please note that players can only claim rewards once before the next Dark Invasion event cycle.

World bosses

Mysterious and dangerous creatures live in this huge world. As predators, they are very territorial and will attack any intruders.

The world bosses of Tarisland are PvE content on the map. These powerful enemies will appear randomly in different areas of the world map. Just like in Dark Invasion, players can discover these powerful predators by looking for World Boss icons on the map screen.

Each world boss has a unique strategy and battle mechanics. Defeating these bosses will reward players with a variety of valuable rewards, including gear exchange medals, character development materials, and colorful gems. It is worth noting that multi-colored gems can also be obtained using the game skill “Jewelry Making”.

Tarisland World Content - Dark Invasion and World Bosses

Players have a chance to receive these items once every three days, and these rewards are subject to a “dynamic drop” mechanism, meaning the quality of the drop will depend on the player’s current GearScore.

In addition, the game has no restrictions on the number of players who can join a group to challenge the world boss. This design is designed to encourage players to team up with teammates to face and defeat these deadly enemies, which not only tests teamwork, but also makes every fight full of suspense and surprise.

All of the above will be available in the next stage of play testing. In addition to the mentioned content, we have also added more casual games and mini-games based on player feedback. We would like to thank all the players for their support and passion. See you in the next game test.


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