Last October, players were able to download the Tanks Blitz app, and in honor of the anniversary, the game will host several different activities.

On October 6, the TaData event starts in the game. It consists of nine stages, and each of them reflects the connection between pop culture and the game: Tanks Blitz contains references to comics, fashion, cinema, travel, the Internet in general, and music.

At each stage, players will have the opportunity to earn collectibles and other rewards. Quests will test the players’ skills: they can be launched simultaneously or one by one. The final step is the unique legendary camouflage “The One” for one of the most popular KV-2 tanks.

At the end of the event, the “TaData” broadcast will be held on the official Tanks Blitz YouTube channel. Over the course of two hours, the developers will communicate with subscribers, hold giveaways for in-game items, and recall past key events, including collaboration events.


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