For cross-platform play, Mission Zero is undergoing beta testing on Android and PC in China. You can download the client via Chinese market. You probably need to use an Android emulator for PC.

The new beta test for Mission Zero began on November 10, according to information from the Chinese market. And today, November 13, the developers from NetEase Games made it possible to download the client even moreOmore players. It is not yet known when testing will end.

The number of players for the Mission Zero test is limited, and no qualification or invitation code is required. But after the test is completed, all progress will be deleted. I note that if you are unable to get onto the servers, then you should wait for the next day and new quotas.

The Chinese who played Mission Zero note that the balance, graphics and character movements require further improvement. Players say they’d rather play Dead by Daylight and Identity V. They might accept Mission Zero if the developers make the visual style more unique, such as cartoonish.


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