Mobile game Clash 2: Blitzkrieg is undergoing beta testing in China; You can download the client directly through Chinese market. This is a strategy with automatic battles in a “wall to wall” format; I expect there are bot battles and PvP.

You can only play Clash 2: Blitzkrieg on Android, and all progress will be deleted after the servers are turned off. The game requires an Internet connection, and the gameplay seems raw: new units appear right before your eyes, and the amount of equipment and soldiers on the map is so large that you don’t understand where the bullets and rockets are coming from. On the other hand, it’s nice to watch how the enemy is “flooded” by your tanks and Katyushas.

Judging by the screenshots, Clash 2: Blitzkrieg has several maps, some of which are not just marsh-colored fields, but real cities. The developers do not name specific countries that are participating in the military conflict of the Second World War format, but the screenshots show an eagle – the standard of the SS, Nazi Germany.


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